15 of the Most Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Cancer Survivors

15 of the Most Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Cancer Survivors

Although tattoos aren’t for everyone, they can be a powerful, artistic and creative way to express ourselves. And self expression is one way we can work through the emotional rollercoaster we embark on with a cancer diagnosis. So if getting a tattoo is something you are considering, we’ve compiled a gallery of our favorite cancer awareness tattoos.

There are numerous ways to make a design uniquely yours. These tattoos feature everything from flowers and animals to cartoon characters. And inspirational themes from simple monograms to elaborate works of art. Checkout our favorite 15 tattoos, in no particular order!

1. Butterfly into a ribbon

Butterfly into a ribbon

A butterfly’s side profile in a ribbon is a beautiful tattoo design. This tattoo is popular among those who wish to memorialize a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. 

2. Faith Hope Love

A ‘Faith Hope Love” tattoo for cancer survivors may serve various purposes. These are powerful and inspirational words that help us get through challenging times.  They are a good reminder that – we got this! 

3. Survivor

survivor cancer tattoo

You may prefer to show off your newfound strength with a design that praises your bravery. We liked the simplicity of the design and the depth of its meaning – “survivor”.

4. Tribute to Mom

This tattoo is a beautiful way to honor her memory. Find a meaningful phrase your mom used to say to you and have the tattoo imitate her writing style.  This design is a constant reminder that your mom is always by your side and in your heart, no matter where you are.

5. Wings

Getting a tattoo of angel wings in honor of a loved one who had breast cancer is popular and trending these days. This design combines two concepts beautifully. The ribbon symbolizes the fight against breast cancer and the wings represent the rebirth and metamorphosis that people with cancer go through.

6. Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves Cancer Tattoo

A Boxing Glove Cancer Tattoo is one of the favorites and a powerful way to honor your journey.  We love how this design captures the idea of strength, bravery, and resolve. While the survivor tattoos are way common, boxing gloves is a unique way to represent that you’re a fighter and you’re never giving up, ever!

7. Fearless

In honour of cancer survivors, the ‘Fearless with Cancer ribbon’ tattoo is a powerful sign of perseverance and hope. Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer can attest to the harrowing nature of the experience. As a result, you may help spread the word about cancer and inspire others to do the same. Show your support for cancer survivors with this design.

8. Live

Live tattoo for cancer survivors

Some times one word says it all!

9. Hummingbird

Although the hummingbird tattoo often represents overcoming difficult times, it also has many other meanings, including love, joy, hope, life.  All good visual cues to help us reset our mindset when we are having a particularly hard day.

10. Tree frog

Since frogs represent calmness and healing in some cultures, this tattoo can be an expression of rebirth or a new life.

11. I am here

This is a powerful tattoo that serves as a visual reminder to help us stay grounded and focused in the present moment.  To help us remember that no matter how hard things get, we are here now! 

12. Ankle tattoo

Ankle tattoo for cancer survivor

If something a bit more inconspicuous and simple is your style, this tattoo is for you! Also known as ‘the go-to tattoo for introverts’, an ankle tattoo is minimalistic yet profounding in every way!

13. Painted ribbon

One of the best ways to express your solidarity for someone impacted by cancer is with a painted ribbon tattoo. These tattoos may pay homage to those who have fought cancer and serve as a constant reminder of the fortitude and bravery they have shown during their journeys through life’s challenges. 

14. Hope breast cancer tattoo

Hope Cancer Tattoo

his Hope Breast Tattoo is both simple yet full of meaning.  For anyone going through hardship, in general, knows that ‘hope’ is one of the most powerful words that carry us through our most challenging life’s experiences. 

15. Warriors Cancer Tattoo

“Warrior” a metaphor for those who have endured cancer and survived it. A cancer ribbon, flowers, or a little heart are typical embellishments for this kind of tattoo. Many individuals chose this design because of its connotation of bravery and optimism.  

Which tattoo is your favorite?  Have a different design you want us to add to this list?  Drop it in the comments section below.

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