Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids

Gift Guide for Kids

Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids

Choosing a thoughtful gift for our little heroes is one way to show affection and support, while they are going through cancer treatment. As the child and the parents are going through this difficult time, they will need your love and support more than ever. Sharing your affection and volunteering your time to help out is the greatest gift. And speaking of gifts, what child doesn’t love receiving gifts?! 

But knowing what gifts to get for a child going through cancer is challenging.  So we have put a list of ideas together to make it easier to pick the perfect gift! Our list includes products that are fun, engaging, and inspiring.

1. Extraordinary Stories for Courageous Girls

With the help of this storybook, you can inspire a little girl battling cancer by introducing her to female heroes. One-hundred extraordinary stories of powerful and strong women that, just like her, emerged victorious. This book can empower and motivate a child, battling cancer, to stay positive. 

You can even read chapters from the book as a bedtime story. If Covid-19 restrictions prevent you from reading in person, use a video conferencing app. 

Extraordinary Stories for Courageous Girls

2.  Puzzles

Puzzle books can be valuable
gifts for any child because they’re thrilling, stimulating, and engaging. And they are also a charming escape for our little heroes. The abundance of colorful, entertaining, and silly challenges will keep the child’s mind occupied. Like a board game, you can join in the fun and help with the hidden pictures’ solution.


3. Journal 

Journaling can help children with cancer to process their emotions and make sense of their struggles. By writing down their thoughts, kids can better understand what’s happening around them, making them feel understood and less alone. The Gratitude Finder notebook is filled with positive and uplifting messages that can help a child battling cancer. And the pages are full of color and filled with writing prompts to help get the journaling started.


4. Essential Oil

Nothing is better than cuddling with our little ones, especially when they are not feeling great.  A nice soothing massage can help calm, relax and comfort a child before a doctor’s visit, a scan or bedtime. Enhance the experience by using KidSafe Calming the Child, a USDA
Certified Organic essential oil. You can also add a few drops of this oil into your favorite diffuser to provide a relaxing atmosphere for the whole family.  It’s a great addition to a child’s cancer care package.

Essential Oil

5. Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

Hospital rooms can get chilly, especially for a young child. Gifting them a soft and special blanket that glows in the dark is thoughtful and useful. It may help the child relax at home and at the hospital. And it can serve as entertainment to help pass the time – build a fort, give a magic carpet ride, play peek-a-boo, setup for picnic time and more…  A warm, breathable, and glowing throw blanket is a comforting gift for a child battling cancer.

Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

6. Goodnight Hospital Room

Spending a night at the hospital can be a traumatic experience for a child, and if they’re diagnosed with cancer, that might happen more than once. Goodnight Hospital Room is a sing-song verse storybook for the child and for the parents. It’s filled with colorful illustrations and calming lullabies that can ease the tension and anxiety from spending the night at the hospital. 

Goodnight Hospital Room

7. Get Well Gift Box

If your little friend needs cheering up and you can’t visit due to Covid-19 restrictions, you can send a creative get well gift box. The set includes a soft and adorable sloth toy and a small booklet – Top 10 Things To Do When You Feel Like A Sloth (play a video game or chill). It’s a fun way to show your support during difficult times. The gift box opens like a greeting card filled with encouraging messages.

Get Well Gift Box
8. Recipes for the Cancer-Fighting Kid

Nutrition is top of mind when diagnosed with cancer.  And it’s particularly tricky when the patient is a child. The How to Feed a Superhero cookbook is filled with recipes tailored for a child battling cancer. The book is packed with practical and important information about nutritional value, healthy ingredients, budget and time-management tips for the parents. The recipes are tasty and easy to prepare. 

Recipes for the Cancer-Fighting Kid

9. How to Deal With Anxiety

This book can help children with cancer reduce their anxiety levels in a fun and easy way through metaphors, colors, and imagination. Through the story, the child will learn how to take care of its dragon, which is a simple metaphor for anxiety. It’s a book about mechanisms that allow children to understand their own emotions and find a healthy way to express them and deal with them.

How to Deal With Anxiety

10. Bitsbox

Kids like challenges and engaging, fun games. You can open up a whole new realm for your little fighter with Bitsbox. 

This coding subscription is a step-by-step guide into the coding world. The child will learn to code from examples and progress quickly. They can invent an app or solve coding problems. If your hero likes solving math problems, Bitsbox will provide stimulation and engagement.

The set includes fun projects that teach children how to code video games and create colorful greeting cards. And the simulations will help them to further develop their problem-solving skills. 

Bitsbox works on tablets and mobile, so the kid can have a fun distraction during hospital visits. 


11. Plush Toy Pillow

Children that are battling cancer need more rest and relaxation so their bodies can recuperate. Any gift that provides comfort and promotes relaxation is a winner. A toy that turns into a pillow can be a very thoughtful gift for a child with cancer. Choose a high-quality, fun pillow that’s made from cotton; it’s soft, durable, resistant to static electricity, and washable. 

The child can take the toy to the hospital, rest on it, play with it and overall enjoy the gift in more than one way. Try to find the child’s favorite animal. 

Plush Toy Pillow

12. Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Osmo is an award-winning game that lets the child interact with tangible educational toys and an iPad, bringing their actions to life. A hands-on learning adventure awaits the little genius receiving this gift!  

The Little Genius Starter Kit includes fun preschool learning toys that will transform how the child learns. The 4 educational games in the kit will help the child recognize letters and learn phonics (ABCs), develop pre-drawing skills (Squiggle Magic), identify social-emotional cues, and experiment with clothes and colors (Costume Party), and develop problem-solving skills (Stories).

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

13. Magna Qubix 85 Piece set

The Magna-Qubix 85-piece set was explicitly designed for kids that are struggling to balance traditional building blocks. It’s a thoughtful gift that can bring joy and boost the confidence of your little hero. 

Each piece in the set is powered by neodymium magnets, which means connecting the blocks will be easy and straightforward. Moreover, it’s an educational gift because it will help the child develop better hand-eye coordination and improve overall motor and spatial skills. 

For a child with cancer that might be missing school or struggling with everyday activities, the Magna-Qubix serves multiple purposes – it’s easy and fun.

Magna Qubix 85 Piece set

14. Lego Classic Brick Box 

You can’t go wrong with a LEGO gift because it’s a fun and creative way for the child to create a narrative and get lost in a world of imagination. The child can use the LEGO to play, engage and build different kinds of structure. 

The LEGO box includes 790 pieces with 8 different blocks of windows and doors, baseplates, and tires. For a child battling cancer, the LEGOs can be a creative outlet. You can also volunteer your time and help them build the perfect castle or the fastest car. 

In fact, you can support the whole family by spending time with the child during playtime and keeping them engaged and happy. 

Lego Classic Brick Box 

15. Banana Panda Observation Space Puzzle 

If the child loves space themes, the “Banana Panda Observation Space” jigsaw puzzle will be a great gift. This jigsaw puzzle is designed for children four years of age and above. It comes with an educational poster, colorful puzzle, and a hidden objects game. Hence, the game will stimulate and delight the child. 

You can spend hours helping them uncover the universe’s secrets. 

This jigsaw puzzle is a gift for the entire family. Playtime can turn into family-bonding time and emotional support time for the child. It’s an immersive game that’s easy to store and transport if needed. 

Banana Panda Observation Space Puzzle

16. LIKEE Wooden Pattern Blocks Animals Jigsaw Puzzle

With 36 wooden pieces and 60 pattern cards, the LIKEE set will be an excellent addition to the toybox. Children with cancer might spend more time at home, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, so buying them toys with high replayability is thoughtful and prudent. 

Playing with the pieces can improve the child’s problem-solving and spatial skills and develop color and shape recognition. LIKEE is also great for boosting creativity and inspiration. You can pick the child’s interest if you keep them engaged every day with a new task (a new pattern). In fact, you can invent new games and create original designs together. 

LIKEE Wooden Pattern Blocks Animals Jigsaw Puzzle

17. Meva Kids Walking and Barking Puppy Dog

It might be challenging to keep a pet in the house with a child battling cancer.  But if the child wants a pet and can’t have one in the house for obvious reasons, Meva might come in handy. 

Meva is a toy dog that comes with a remote controller. The child can play and cuddle with it or take it out for walks. The dog is small enough even for hospital visits. It’s a fluffy and soft toy that will provide the child with comfort and an abundance of fun and joyful moments. 

Meva Kids Walking and Barking Puppy Dog

18. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes

The “Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes” comes with 125 pieces that the child can use to write, scribble, and doodle on. Everything from inspirational messages to artistic shapes and forms can be written down on the colorful notepad. In fact, you can help out and write down some encouraging thoughts for the child. 

The art box is like a launchpad for boosting imagination, creativity, and playfulness. The mini notes can be used both by the parents and the child. And each card hides a rainbow of colors underneath. 

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes

19. Ipad

Video games are a fun and innovative way for children to connect and play. Buying an iPad is like buying them a whole library of games. They can talk with their friends, FaceTime with you and their loved ones, or simply spend time reading a children’s book. 

Also, the iPad is easily transported, so the child can use it at home or during hospital visits. It supports the use of the Apple pencil for doodling pictures and painting. And it has a Gigabit-class LTE battery for prolonged usage. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the iPad is an excellent gift for the child and everyone who wants to offer support but can’t do it in person. 

apple Ipad

20. Amazon Gift card

Selecting the right gift for a child with cancer can be very difficult. Sometimes you just can’t choose, or you’re afraid you’ll make the wrong choice, which is why buying the child an Amazon gift card can be a good idea. 

Not every child needs or wants the same toys. A gift card makes it easy for each child to pick the toys and games they prefer! 

Amazon Gift card

Want more gift ideas? Head on over to our store to find all kinds of items that make the cancer journey a little more bearable!

Also, if you’re looking for a way to help out a friend caring for their child with cancer,  without overwhelming them, try our My CareCrew app. This app for cancer patients and caregivers includes several features that can help patients or caregivers coordinate tasks and allow friends and family to offer support with ease.

Now you can download our free mobile app for cancer patients and caregivers in the Apple and Android stores. It’s free, zero ads!


My CareCrew’s mission is to make the Cancer journey a little more bearable. We offer products and services that have been specially designed and curated to meet the needs of cancer patients, caregivers, and their loved ones. These include pipette kids shampoo, famous footwear gift card, quarantine gift box, radiation gift baskets, famous footwear gift certificate, unbox me gifts, sending a hug gift box chemo gift bags and Oculus Quest 2 all-in one, that make the cancer journey a little more bearable!

My CareCrew is not a licensed medical care provider. Please consult your medical team before following any suggestion mentioned in our blog or using a featured product or service to treat any medical condition.

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